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Prospective Members

a group of searchers looking at a map
searcher walking through the woods
k9 handlers and k9 walking by a vehicle
k9 handler kneeling next to german shepherd

If you enjoy being outdoors and helping families out during very difficult times, Search and Rescue may be for you. There are several ways to get involved!


  • K-9 Teams

  • Ground Teams

  • Drone Teams (air and underwater)

  • Radio Communications

  • Search Management

  • Transport Team


We highly recommend you attend one of our monthly training drills.

These drills are realistic, mock searches where you can see what is involved in the many aspects of a search.


After observing a drill, and you are interested in volunteering, we will put you in touch with a teammate in the field of your interest and they will go over in detail what is involved including time and money commitment, physical and mental expectations, and more.


PLEASE NOTE: This is not a club or hobby! We are a professionally trained search organization. We provide a service to families in need where the utmost respect is necessary and where ego and personal prejudice have absolutely no place.


If you are interested in coming to one of our weekly training sessions with our K-9 Unit, contact our K-9 Training Coordinator, who will tell you when and where you can meet us. If you are interested in coming out to one of our monthly trainings/drills contact one of the Board members for further details.  


Please come properly dressed in a long sleeved shirt (even in the hottest weather), long pants, a baseball cap, long socks, and hiking boots, if you have them. Tennis shoes are not recommended. Bring water to drink and insect repellent. We recommend that you observe multiple training sessions before you move forward with submitting your application to the team.

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