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SAR-Related Organizations

To learn more about search and rescue, please visit the following links.

Michigan professional search and rescue logo - contains a link for their website.

The mission of the Michigan Professional Search and Rescue (SAR) Council is to provide the state with a recommended standardization program for civilian dedicated Search and/or Rescue trained teams.

national association for search and rescue - contains a link to their website.

Government agencies and non-profit Search And Rescue Teams use NASAR's material and certifications to build credentialing programs for their organizations and produce highly skilled searchers that work within their communities and are available for mutual aid regionally and nationally.

national search dog alliance - contains a link to their website

National Search Dog Alliance (NSDA) is a SAR Dog group that started in March 2007. The Alliance's aim is to become an exemplary group representing the interests of search and rescue dog handlers.

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