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CEDAR, MI - MAY 2, 2022

Yesterday, we returned to Cedar MI to continue searching for Jesse Jackman. The terrain is VERY challenging consisting of mostly swamp/marsh/bog with lots of dead fall trees. Mr. Jackman remains missing however, we were able to gather more data. Data collection and evaluation is very important in attempting to narrow down where a subject may be located. This sometimes requires multiple deployment operations with a multitude of different resources that can be restricted by factors, such as weather and environment.

Searchers from K9 One, Michigan Independent SAR, MISAR and CAP assisted us in our search operation. THANK YOU.

THANK YOU HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response Team for deploying to our Cedar MI search and joining us yesterday. They were present all day to provide support and comfort to the family of the missing person and searchers during the search operation.

For more information visit their Facebook page:

A very special THANK YOU to Jesse Jackman's family for acquiring the township hall and providing so much wonderful food, drinks, restrooms and even a dog wash area. And THANK YOU for providing transport for dog/search teams into and out of the field. It was VERY much appreciated.

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